Monday, September 11, 2006

The Cult has moved away from Kenosha to Bonduel & I get a new Judge

The battle has not ceased and I will try to answer a few of the current emailed questions.

They left Kenosha in the first few months of this year and moved to the Green Bay area. My family lives now near the city of Bonduel and Yet Shereen drove almost 200 miles South to Kenosha which made me drive further to pick up my children so I could take them North for my 1 1/2 day placement per month. However for the last 2 months Ihave picked them up in Bonduel and haven't been in Kenosha for that long.

* Continued Court Bologna! For many months now I have continued to write Judge Mary K. Wagner letters asking for the Hearing that she cheated me out of. See the June 29 letter. Never a response from her.

Next I sent a letter along with the completed Mary K. Wagner document to Don Moldenhauer, a kenosha City alderman. Don is Mary K. Wagner's husband and I mailed it to their home address. The following week I received from the Court a sheet stating that I have a new Judge, but with two names. Wagner is at least on her third two year term in Family Court which the Statutes say that she needs to rotate from. Why does Kenosha disregard the Statute contents?

I sent anidentical letter to both Judges listed on the sheet. Response letter from thefirst responding Judge. The response from thesecond responding Judge.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Altering Court Transcripts...

is only a crime, if you are not a Judge. A Circuit Court Judge has changed transcripts, deprived Hearings by running out of her courtroom just before the session begins, slanders the victim with false information and numbers, sentences the victim to jail on the basis of her own slanderous statements, refuses to even just look at documented facts and even refuses to uphold the Wisconsin Statutes, but intentionally over rides them with laws of her own. She has become somewhat of a God by being unaccountable to anybody and defying any Statute Law she chooses.

When I went to jail I contacted the Judicial Commission with some of the complaints I just mentioned. Click Here for the response received. I responded back to James C. Alexander, Executive Director of the Judicial Commission and told him that the judicial misconduct is exactly what I am talking about. Click Here for the copy of my acceptance of a September 2nd court hearing. I updated him about Judge Wagner running out of the courtroom as I entered. He responded again by saying it is permissible for a Judge to leave the room during a hearing. I responded and said she left the room before the hearing even began.
Click Here for the postcard I just sent him. I will soon display the list of names and agencies I have contacted. No response as of yet.

Are there people in these agencies that are protecting Judges like Wagner, regardless of the judicial misconduct they do?

Note: I am communicating with visitors of this website that don't know about the "counter" of this site. Go to the bottom yellow box of my homepage and click on Stat Report. The report upgrades the numbers every few hours. The display is across the last 12 months. If you want to take it one step further, click on the month at the left side of the page and get a day by day or even hourly stats. Keep watching to see it grow!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Certified Letter

Is this another example of injustice? If I decided to do something that would affect the other ex-spouse, as much as she is stating in this certified letter, I would have to argue it out in court. I then would only be allowed to do my desire if I won the judge's decision.

However, here my Ex. just sends me a certified letter to inform me of what she will do. Isn't any judge's permission needed if she does something? And what if I called a hearing? I am 100% certain that Judge Wagner would favor her anyway. I might even go to jail if I even tried. What do I do?

What if she moves to Indiana, Ohio or even California? If I want to see my children, it is I that would have to do all the driving for that one and half days with them. That has a major effect on my children with me.

With that as the base for this unjust situation, I would be compelled to file for a hearing even if it means jail. And yes, I definitely would put the transcript of that hearing on this web site. The only reason for her moving, would be for no other reason then Cult related. She is moving strictly for the reason to be where the Cult has a congregation. The Cult is trying to sell the Kenosha church building and then shut down the Kenosha location out-reach. They are moving out and so she needs to move, too!

Now the question is this, as to how Wagner will rule. If she makes no changes when I call a hearing, it would indicate and reinforce that she has at least one of the following three conditions:

1.) The first condition is that Wagner hates me, because I exposed her corruption on this web site and will NEVER get any justice from her. She hates me and will always make sure that I don't get what the typical Wisconsin father gets and enjoys.

2.) The second reason for Wagner to possibly still rule against me, could mean that she still doesn't see anything wrong with the Cult that abuses children and even allows them to die before even trying to get help from doctors or medicine. She would be embracing the Cult and its way; if she once again would say as she did before that my children need to be with their mother in church on Sunday and never with me. Read the transcript. Wagner might have stated that in ignorance the first time, before my web site exposure, but now knows the facts in the track record of this Cult. Will she embrace them now?

3.) or the third reason is what I seriously feel is the real reason. If she has been bought out by money, bribes, or favors; she would have to follow through again by favoring the Cult and their wishes. This time it will not be by ignorance though!

Now what will happened if I take it back to court? I want a lot more time with my children and Shereen needs to do part of the driving and sharing in the expense of that. The other desired changes are not as important. I will keep you posted. Thank you for reading my web site.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Justice in America

Back in the 1970s, I believe I was taught something false when I went to school. I remember watching a few 16mm black & white movie films in social studies. I learned about certain people like Adolf Hitler who I understood was a dictator.

He supposedly was accountable to nobody. Therefore, if anyone in Europe irritated or opposed him, he would just kill them. Any decisions he made had better not be challenged if you valued your life. Now if that was true of what I was taught, that he was accountable to no one, then why does it appear that the US proclaimed that it was payday for him and then ruined his whole day?

I was also taught that we in the United States live in a free country where everybody is accountable to someone else. Even being the president, makes them actually more accountable for every move that they make, when compared to that low profile individual that hardly knows anyone.

Once again I believe I was taught a lie on that part also. I'm starting to believe that certain judicial positions are not accountable to anyone. I will need to explain it for you to get the bigger impact of it.

I get letters and emails from strangers that ask me of what avenues I have taken so far and if I have contacted a certain person or agency. A few people have wondered if I have contacted the City attorney. Yes. I have, but I never received a response from him. Since that time I have heard of a lot of skeletons in his closet, which doesn't surprise me anymore. Besides wouldn't he fight to protect the City's judicial system than fight for me?

I contacted the City mayor, but once again I don't remember if I've received a response. I might have received one stating that it is out of his jurisdiction.

As accurate as I can remember there are about 27 City Counselors for Kenosha. I sent a letter to each of them, but haven't received a reply back from even one of them.

I sent a letter to governor Jim Doyle and appreciate his response. He started out his letter with the normal "brush off " that it is out of his jurisdiction. However, then he was helpful by introducing me to two agencies that I didn't know about at the time. He told me if I had a problem with an attorney to contact the Office of Lawyer Regulation. (see to Wisconsin Blue book for address and phone numbers) if you have a problem with the judge contact the Judicial Commission.

I contacted both of those places, but we have a real MAJOR problem. In the court room there are no tape recorders, just somebody with a shorthand typewriter. I CAN prove that my transcripts were altered from what was said in the court room. Somethings were mentioned, but not recorded. Now if you were a judge and had final control of what gets put on the transcripts, would you allow negative things to be printed? If you told someone that you need to kick their teeth down their throat, would you allow that in the transcript? If you tell someone that you don't care how they got the money, even robbing a bank or putting a gun to someone's head... Just get the money!... would you remove that from the transcripts? Yes, you would! Isn't it illegal to change or eliminate contents of the transcripts? But that is where the dictator position or not accountable stuff comes in.

The Office of Lawyers Regulations has only the transcripts to go by to see if an attorney is unfit or worthless. Do you see the problem? See my attorney John Anthony Ward article that the Lawyers Regulation made a decision without, and responded by saying that Ward was not out of line.

Would the attorney Hitler be accountable to anyone if the transcripts can be altered along with the 'behind the scenes' and in his office comments were not displayed? And what if he was questioned, but he was an excellent liar to convince his innocence? What could you do then?

I always thought that the court system is like a train or bus ride. You first need to pay (ticket / dues / fare), and then get on it, to get to your destination. However, if you told them to take you to a specific spot and not the depot,... Forget it! The bus will not leave its route or the train leave its tracks just to satisfy you. They go strictly by the "book" (the statutes) and the route assigned by them.

That is how I thought the American courts operated. My experience however though, is that it is a merry-go-round. I get on it at a certain place. To get on it takes about 90 dollars and an order To Show Cause form. Fill out those forms and pay the money and you get to start your amusement ride of the Kenosha court system. Part way along the first turn sits an appointed commissioner.

The commissioner is an imitation judge. His decisions are like Jello. If you hate their decision, move quickly because in a few days they harden up and can become the law, as if the judge had said them (I think 30 days). There is a Free form called a DeNova Review that you fill out which basically means that you reject the commissioners decision and demand a judge to look at your case. If the Kenosha court system was like a train or bus ride, you could reject the judges decision and take it to the Appeals Court (within 90 days - I think).

However, I was NOT on the train ride and was deprived the Appeals Court opportunity. When I was almost around the first rotation of this Kenosha merry-go-around, the judge pushed me off. She ran out of the court room as I entered it. She had me arrested to finish my six-month sentence, that she released me on earlier.

Her fleeing the court room deprived me of that hearing, but worse, the Appeals Court hearing also! The higher court can only review a case, after there was a Circuit Court hearing and then only within the first few (90?) days following.

So what do I do now? Repeat the same, by paying for this ride again, see the commissioner, DeNova Review, and then watch the judge run out of the room again (destroying the Appeals Court chance) and get hauled off to jail again? How many times around this Wagner Wheel do I have to go before I get justice or have opportunity to go to the next level? Screwed up!

Now lets get back to the non-accountable part. I contacted the Judicial Commission and they responded by telling me that it is permissible for a judge to leave a court room during a hearing. I wrote back to say that there was no hearing and that she ran out as I enter the court room. I never received a reply after that. Is somebody in that office protecting her? Regardless, once again... not accountable!

After that I heard that there is a District court which is above the Circuit Court. My response from them was a letter/letterhead with four or five judges listed on the side margin, which one of those indexed judges was the very same Kenosha judge.

Now if there was a judge Hitler, who would he be accountable to? I also tried the Attorney General Peggy Lautenschlager and received the same suggestion as the governor gave me earlier. I also never received a response from the U.S. Marshal, whom I wrote to, either. Can judge Hitler destroy and create a Holocaust to many lives and yet not be accountable to anyone? Can he change transcripts, ignore and override the statutes, release prisoners early after sentencing them, then throw them back in and also flee the court room without any consequences?

Seems like our local attorneys do not want the case, due to the PR. In order to keep the job security position that they need. One attorney told me that I am having a tough time with the judge, because of my web site. Please escape the ignorance and look at the facts. I lost everything and was sitting in jail, before my web site was started. And true, now I wouldn't mind going to jail for writing this article. And yet slander is like paranoia. It only becomes that, if it is not true!

I just need an attorney that can force a Hearing (doesn't matter if good or bad) in the Circuit Court, in front of the judge (not Commissioner). If justice is reached, it is over than. However if not, than one immediate appeal to the Appeals court will end this thing. Judge Hitler would know that order of sequence, and therefore fled from the courtroom to eliminate that route. Is that legal? Accountable?

Now, just a little bit more on pastor Hitler. Is he accountable to anyone? I have never heard of the church or pastor being audited by the IRS. Churches don't pay taxes, do they? If all citizens were smart, couldn't they buy some property tax free by calling it a church? Can they buy a property for twenty thousand dollars and then sell it for a half million dollars, without paying capital gains tax? I know that a certain pastor Hitler that has held meetings at distant congregational churches and received cash. I have seen that. I have heard of tithe money being used for a sweater for the pastor. After all he will be wearing it in church, so it is church related. See Forked Tongue.

With the half million dollars can pastor Hitler buy a top dollar fishing boat, without being accountable to anyone? After all, he will be using it for church purposes when he is out on the lake meditating on his next Sunday sermon! Is he accountable for his schemes to anyone?

Let's suppose a pastor Hitler convinced an old man to submit himself into his care. Suppose he had the man then sign everything over him, like his car and personal checking account, in case something should happen. Let's suppose something did happen and the old man dies. Would pastor Hitler be accountable to the IRS for anything?

I marvel at how fast and efficient the Blitz Kreig scheme that pastor Hitler did, when he took over the church and the accumulated commodities of the dead man. And then with nauseous memory, I can still picture judge Hitler commending a group like that. As well as, commanding that my children must attend his church service every Sunday and therefore can't be with me.

And finally, doesn't attorney HItler, Judge Hitler, and pastor Hitler far surpass the concept of non-accountability without consequences than that of Adolf Hitler? He received justice for the wrongs he did, while the other three "Hitlers" are still on the loose. And the things that mentioned as facts in this article are facts and true, therefore it is not slander. I find it ironic that all these "Hitlers" can't comprehend that I will fight until death for justice which means more time with my children. Even if it means more jail, I will continue to magnify their dirty laundry. Are they not smart enough to know what they must do to avoid that?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Attention: Church for Sale

In the year of 2001, the congregation (church/cult) was very excited in getting the buildings. Read the history of how they swindled it, in Yes, I could use your help! There was even a print up in their Gospel Trumpet magazine of how God blessed them with the Kenosha building, including a picture of it.

Surprise! It is now for sale! They have the property listed with Lakeside Realty 262-694-3333. The lady that is in charge -- Lauren S. Sparks. Remember now that the Cult got the entire property for about $20,000.00. However, now they separated the church and the house, and are selling them separate. The Cult is asking about $390,000.00 for the church and $129,000.00 for the house. For $519,000.00, you can buy what they (stole) or bought for $20,000.00!

Was the Blessing, which they contribute to God, the use of the buildings? Or is the blessing the difference between what it was worth? (selling price now) Versus with the amount they deceptively manipulated it for? It was the secret conniving and schemes, which acquired them this property for $20,000.00.

If you are the new buyer, will God bless you with getting the property for what the Cult has into it? Or will God curse and financially penalize you with the $519,000.00, so he could "Bless" them with the thievery amount and profit? Remember, you are the Esau if you pay more than $20,000.00! Are you going to sell Jacob the $519,000.00 birthright? and then believe you received a good deal on a bowl of stew?

Note that they don't want the "stew" anymore just the inflated "birthright," at the price they think it is worth. I'm curious at what they would say if everyone offered them $20,000.00 for the stew. That would be appropriate!
After reading this article, I would like to know of what you think of this group of people. Do you think they are a God fearing, pious, sort of people? Or do you categorize them somewhere between money hungry liars and connivers to slimy maggots?

If they received what they are requesting, they would have capitol to spread their deceptive propaganda. Who wants to contribute to that? They would even have enough money to pad the wallet of a judge or whoever? Maybe the mystery is where they will move with my children. Can you help me, by spreading at least my website to warn people?

Thank You!

From the humanity side of me, I almost wish the Talaban or Al Qeada could level the building, oops, I meant balance the scales! Now that is a wicked thought and I should be ashamed of myself. I need to go now and stand myself in the corner for a good long time.... bye!