Monday, September 11, 2006

The Cult has moved away from Kenosha to Bonduel & I get a new Judge

The battle has not ceased and I will try to answer a few of the current emailed questions.

They left Kenosha in the first few months of this year and moved to the Green Bay area. My family lives now near the city of Bonduel and Yet Shereen drove almost 200 miles South to Kenosha which made me drive further to pick up my children so I could take them North for my 1 1/2 day placement per month. However for the last 2 months Ihave picked them up in Bonduel and haven't been in Kenosha for that long.

* Continued Court Bologna! For many months now I have continued to write Judge Mary K. Wagner letters asking for the Hearing that she cheated me out of. See the June 29 letter. Never a response from her.

Next I sent a letter along with the completed Mary K. Wagner document to Don Moldenhauer, a kenosha City alderman. Don is Mary K. Wagner's husband and I mailed it to their home address. The following week I received from the Court a sheet stating that I have a new Judge, but with two names. Wagner is at least on her third two year term in Family Court which the Statutes say that she needs to rotate from. Why does Kenosha disregard the Statute contents?

I sent anidentical letter to both Judges listed on the sheet. Response letter from thefirst responding Judge. The response from thesecond responding Judge.


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